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Email: admin(at)cleopatraphics(dot)com

I hold a Masters of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Houston and have two years of university level teaching experience. During that time I taught classes in both drawing and fine art printmaking with a diverse range of ages, skill levels, backgrounds and student needs in class sizes numbering greater than twenty students.

I offer private and group instruction in a large range of subjects, skills, software and techniques and can modify lessons to range from simple two hour sessions up to and including 14 week courses for multiple students should it be desired. Additionally, I can tailor class work and assignments to accommodate skill levels, personal interests, age ranges, religious and cultural preferences. For all of the above, please provide at least one week notice in order to prepare lesson plans. For private and group instruction sessions I do not provide supplies, equipment, workspace or a classroom.

If you are interested in scheduling instruction, I would request that you contact me with the following information:

  • Subject matter, mediums, length of instructional period

  • Start and end dates of instructional period

  • Number of students

  • Specific student needs, special accommodations, learning expectations

  • Institution or group you represent, if any

If you are a representative from an educational facility, please feel free to view my resume and CV linked below.

Personal and professional references will be furnished upon request.


For private tutoring I offer a rate of $40 per hour per individual. This hourly rate is lower for groups and for extended tutoring and instruction, for which I will provide a flat rate quote if that is more convenient. As above, all information requested must be provided in order to offer an accurate flat rate quote for instruction.

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