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Email: admin(at)cleopatraphics(dot)com

I'm currently available for new commissions and contract work - either per diem or ongoing. So if you have a project in mind you would like to speak to me about, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you are interested in acquiring a quote on potential work, I will require the following in order to accommodate:

  • Description of your project (size, medium, style, color or B & W, complexity, etc.)

  • Estimated budget range/ timeline for your project

  • What your image(s) will be used for

  • Sample images and/or reference material if appropriate


It is difficult to produce standard rates given the range of complexity, budget and timeline factors involved in the production process. A good faith effort is always made to keep cost low and within the budget requested. Clear lines of communication between myself and clients regarding costs are always maintained. Price for work is negotiable within reason- but all prices will be agreed upon before work begins. I will be up front if I don't feel able to accommodate either the requirements or the budget for your project. All contracts are established prior to any new work begun to ensure completion of work and protection of the client's interests.

If you would like to get a better sense of potential costs, my hourly rate is $30. Most standard single illustrations generally require no more than 4-6 billable hours to reach first draft. Flat rate quotes will generally reduce this cost if the job is large enough or requires work beyond 4-6 billable hours. Additionally, particularly appealing projects may receive discounted services if they prove intriguing enough. So give me a call before you decide we can't work something out.

Comic book and graphic novel authors: I have very reasonable page rates and extensive experience storyboarding my own work. I can work for you as well.

I will not do spec work (http://www.no-spec.com/faq/). I will not donate my services. I do not "profit share" on projects.

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