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"The stories we tell one another— they matter.


They describe the arc of our potential. They shelter us in difficult terrain. They grant us sincerity, and dignity, and legitimacy. They seed the collective unconscious and bridge gaps in understanding where no argument or polite conversation can. They tell us who we want to be. They save us."


Ted Closson is a writer and artist living in Maine. He graduated with an MFA in Art from the University of Houston in 2012. His comics and visual work have been published at The Nib, Beyond: Queer Sci-fi and Fantasy Comics Anthology, Alphabet Anthology, Black Warrior Review, Hobart Literary Journal, The Rumpus, The Good Men Project, and Storychord.


His work has been reported on at Marketplace NPR, the Houston Chronicle, The Seattle Review of Books, and the Huffington Post.


He is currently working on a graphic novel.

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